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In Honour of Women’s Day

Since I was a little girl, I have liked to reflect on and process events and conversations that unfolded during my day. Reflection is a powerful practice, and I've come to understand its power and significance, especially within psychology. 

In honour of International Women’s Day, I felt that sharing my deepest thoughts was the ideal way to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. 

For the last six months, I have had the opportunity to connect with a broader range of women at presentations and events in Toronto and cities throughout the U.S. One commonality I noticed was how hard women work and their immense dedication. Some women I’ve met hold high-level positions involving significant responsibilities, heavy workloads, and constant pressure. 

Yet, what surprised me was the lack of support they often faced, even from their female peer. Several shared that women only sometimes support other women. Even though we talk much more about women uplifting other women these days, it is not always the case. 

As women, we can easily relate to how difficult it is to hold a career and be a mother and a partner. How much does society demand of us? How challenging is it for a woman to succeed in a male-dominant environment? How many challenges do we face? How much more does a woman need to prove herself? These questions persist, serving as poignant reminders of the arduous battle we continue to fight. 

The other common theme was women hesitating to fully share their visions for projects, fearing their ideas might be exploited; this resonated with me deeply.

In Honour of Women’s Day

It made me reflect on my experiences and ongoing challenges to seek assistance. At the beginning of my career, each time I trusted, I was burned. Whenever I had an idea, I was welcomed by criticism or comments that made me doubt my abilities; these encounters only fueled my insecurities to realize later that the seeds of my ideas had been taken. 

After becoming a published author, the experience was even more intense. Throughout the writing process, I was delighted by numerous promises from many women, some with a significant following on social media platforms, assuring me of their support in promoting my book. Their pledges and lists of contacts sparked lofty expectations within me. 

Unfortunately, most of these promises weren’t fulfilled, and the fall was even higher. It was a hard pill to swallow. I harshly learned that expectation is the mother of disappointment. However, amid the letdown, I discovered unexpected sources of support. This experience gave me profound growth and wisdom. 

Let’s face it: most of us women have experienced a moment in our lives when we felt unsupported, felt excluded from a group, felt made fun of, or felt the sarcastic smiles and silent stares after people finished gossiping behind our backs. We all experienced something similar at some point in our lives. Perhaps we participated in doing the same to another woman? 

Did you know there's psychology behind our instincts? I was recently reminded of this while delving into research on the topic. It's fascinating to realize that, often unconsciously, women internalize patriarchal messages, shaping their beliefs and triggering survival-oriented responses. It is where rivalry rises and where judgment and criticism lie. 

Trauma and needs not met as a child leak into adulthood, leaving us with dusted lenses that cloud our perception of ourselves and others. Unresolved issues can lead to internal conflict stemming from a lack within ourselves. Competition can come from this internal feeling of lack; it requires self-awareness to understand this fully. 

All starts with us. If we heal our inner world, dust our lenses, learn to love ourselves wholeheartedly and accept ourselves for who we are, we will embrace the place we need to take in the world and how we will show up confidently. 

We understand and feel in every fibre of ourselves that we can’t fail at being who we are because no one is like us. We embrace our uniqueness and the uniqueness of other women. We then vibrate at a high frequency of love, joy, belonging, and peace within ourselves, which can impact others. 

"There's a Wonder Woman inside every one of us," - Diane Von Furstenberg.

The pivotal moment I fully embraced my purpose was when I began navigating life on my terms, free from the restraints of expectations. I have encountered amazing women along the way who, just like me, are on their journeys of self-mastery and self-discovery. Others are on a mission to empower other women by offering their unique gifts and making an impact in this world. What is truly remarkable is that most of the women I’ve met live in different countries, and while we may not be close friends in the traditional sense, we have a profound connection. 

They all have different life positions, statuses, cultures, and beliefs. Still, without question, they have been incredible forces in helping me expand my reach, challenge my comfort zone, and inspire me to try new avenues. I've had the privilege of sharing my expertise with some of them. 

Every interaction with these remarkable women has been a celebration of our uniqueness, with great respect and shared enthusiasm for collaboration. 

These experiences have helped me trust, surrender, and re-evaluate certain aspects of my life. I initially believed in growth and expansion within my immediate circle, but the support and opportunities have come outside my field. Over the past six months, support has come from women who don’t belong directly to my field per se, as some are journalists, artists, magazine editors, public figures, educators, government officials, and entrepreneurs. 

The collective power of women's energy is undeniable. When we come together, it is impactful. I have learned to remain open and attuned to the universe's signs and cultivate trust, especially in moments of uncertainty. 

“Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them.” – Unknown.

When women come together, they are unstoppable! Let’s set an example and be a role model for younger generations. If you are in a place where you can mentor or help other women, please lend your hand. You may have had difficulty succeeding or getting to a particular position. Honour your steps and celebrate your wins. If you can help other women ease their path, please do! 

Those with multiple resources and a large platform use your platform to uplift and amplify the voices of other women whose messages resonate with you. 

Stand in solidarity with all the women in the world, and remember that none of us can be entirely free until we are all free. 

Stay curious to learn about other women's cultures, backgrounds, and stories. Our stories are our point of connection. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Women possess profound strength. 

We can accomplish so much. Together, united and supportive, we can move mountains and create sparks of change in our world. 

Let's start with the world around us, should we? 

A warm thank you to all the women in my life—I am grateful for each of you.

Love and Light,



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