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You can’t change your story, but you can change the narrative of your story!

Émilie’s first wake-up call came when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. She was told at 28 years old that there was no cure for her Rheumatoid Arthritis. And after a year of treatment for pain management, she was still crippled by aches and harsh side effects from the medication. That is when Émilie made the crucial decision to stop the treatment and embark on her healing journey despite being told she might be condemned to a wheelchair before her 40th birthday. 

Émilie learned the connection between the mind, body, and soul and discovered the power of her inner pharmacy. With tools in hand, she made peace with her childhood traumas and managed her Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally for over seventeen years.

Through the journey, Émilie Macas became a professional transformational Holistic educator and trauma counsellor, a public speaker, and a writer, and she has owned a private practice for over a decade now. She continues to empower others to adopt a spirit of raw truthfulness. She guides them to connect with their inner wisdom via podcasts, radio and TV appearances, interviews in magazines and video conferences. 

The trilingual mother of two conveys her message not from philosophy but from the most profound knowledge she has gained through her personal experience and years of guiding others on their healing journeys. 


“As an educational leader, it is important for me to find various avenues to support learners’ needs as we seek to elevate our individual and collective potential for uplifted living. Emilie Macas, in her capacity to share deeply rooted knowledge and life wisdom grounded in varied experiences, imparts to those privileged to learn with her the importance of how adversity need not be an obstacle. Her thoughtful approach and keen understanding of how challenges can change us in ways that promote positive growth and impactful gains offer an avenue for activating possibility across various environments, circumstances, and communities. Having been privy to her leadership, as it unfolded in workshops within my school community, I was able to witness the transformative effect her teachings have on those seeking a more constructive way of being. Emile offers tools, insights, strategies, and promising practices for students and their families to effectively engage in resilience-building habits and mindful practices that offset the struggles and strife that can often accompany our daily living. I know that our communities are improved and empowered by her sharing and are elevated by her presence. “

- Dr. Julia Manini

Doctor of Educational Leadership

We can’t change our past, but we can change the narrative of our stories and experience freedom of the soul!

BIO:  Émilie Macas is a Certified Life Coach through the Jay Shetty accredited school Association of Coaching, an International Reiki Teacher, Trauma Counselor, Mindfulness & Meditation Educator, Author and motivational speaker. Her highly personalized, integrative and holistic approach brings inspirational transformation, empowerment, clarity and direction. 

“Healing is not an easy road, but the most rewarding one. If our internal dialogue is not guided by self-love and self-acceptance, it will reflect on our external existence, as it is all connected. Sustainable health is experienced when we embrace our inner connection on all levels, our emotions, and our limited core beliefs to live in harmony with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.”

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“Emilie has been incredible to work with. Her presentations were customized to our audiences, with multiple chances to collaborate before the presentations to ensure we met our goals. She assisted us in providing wellness and mindfulness activities to both participants in our virtual fundraiser and our hospital staff ( during the lockdowns). Emilie’s willingness to provide information about mindfulness and guided mindfulness practice allowed our participants to take much from these sessions beyond the single session. Emilie provided us with videos for those who were unable to attend sessions live, ensuring that her expertise was accessible to all. She is amazing to work with and left a lasting impression on the organizers and the participants.”


- Melanie Osmond 

Officer, Events & Community Partnerships 

Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation


Topics and Themes

Unleash your magic - The power of owning our stories.

Our story makes us human and unique; we all have a story! There is an unmeasurable power in sharing them. It is what connects us, where our humaneness comes together. When we look at ourselves and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can measure the incredible force that lies within us. Everything is possible if we allow ourselves to be who we truly are. Émilie uses her personal story and others from years of service to inspire and empower people to find and unleash their inner magic by letting go of what does not serve them. Are you ready to unleash your magic?

Un-become what you are not, to become who you truly are! 

From the lens of a holistic educator, Émilie explains how unmet childhood needs, trauma, and suppressed emotions bleed into our adulthood. We can be wounded, but we are not broken. We are whole; we just need to commit ourselves to our inner journey to self-discovery. Are you ready to unlearn to be who you are meant to be? 

Connect with the healer within and tap into your inner pharmacy. 

Émilie opens the conversation on the powerful connection between our body, mind, heart, and soul—the odyssey towards self-love and self-worth. The importance of our spiritual authority and that we have within us all we need. We can tap into our inner pharmacy when we work on harmony at all levels. Émilie offers a real road map and tools using her personal story.

Debunking the myths.

Émilie will simplify what is simple; there are many myths around meditation and energy healing. In a fast-food society, the essence of these essential practices can be lost in personal translation.


"Émilie kindly provided a series of training sessions in mindfulness and meditation during
March 2021. These sessions offered reassurance and assistance to the online audience of
post-secondary students and staff. Émilie Macas is a dedicated and compassionate
facilitator whose sessions are impactful and delivered with care and diligence."

- Gary Galbraith

Post-Secondary Education

School Presentations

Each presentation is tailored to suit the appropriate age of the students

Educational Themes for parents and staff

  • Importance of caring for the mental & emotional health of Children/ Youth

  • Social Media Awareness and the negative impact on health. 

  • Introducing Mindfulness 

  • Interactive Exercises 

  • Practical Resources are given 

Education Themes for Students Grade 6 and up

  • Introduction to Social Media Awareness 

  • Introduction to Self-Awareness and Tapping into their Inner Compass

  • Introduction to Mindfulness 

  • Introduction to the importance of self-love and self-worth. 

  • Interactive Exercises + Resources

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