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The Naked Truth of a Healer

Can the wounds of our past be the aching pain in our present?


Emotionally neglected, abused, and later abandoned by her manipulative father, Émilie is haunted by her traumatic past well into her adult life. A series of heartbreaking betrayals cause Émilie to sink further into despair, but her inner fire never surrenders.


When Émilie is diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease, it’s in this darkest moment that Émilie makes a crucial decision that alters the course of her entire life.

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The Path to my Authentic self

Through the lens of a holistic professional, Émilie explains how unmet childhood needs bleed into adulthood, the powerful connection between our body, mind, heart, and spirit, and the odyssey toward self-love and self-worth. From the power of meditation to medicinal mindfulness psychedelics, Émilie’s raw and vulnerable truth provides an inspirational and empowering message on the unstoppable power of love and the magnificent gift of our inner pharmacy.


The Naked Truth of a Healer opens the conversation on the stigma surrounding mental health, the signs of malpractice in the spiritual realm, and the importance of our spiritual authority in our healing journeys. We are the masterpiece in our lives with the unmeasurable ability to change the narrative of our stories.


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