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5 Practical Ways to Access Your Inner Voice and Step into Your Power!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023


In the midst of so many voices around us the most precious and valuable one is found within.

The year 2020 was a year that challenged us and shook us to the core, I will say. Personally, it was a year that brought me to my knees and for the very first time I surrendered and let me tell you for a Taurus, not an easy task.

For the very first time, I surrendered to the uncertainty where surprisingly I found a certain stability and certainty. Let me explain, the certainty I found in the middle of the global uncertainties was found within myself.

I knew and felt that the time had come for me to listen to my inner voice, my inner compass because nothing was going to be the same and it was time to face the changes. It was time to step into my power if I wanted to expand my reach to be in service to others and get to the next level of my journey.

The pandemic actually helped me see and get in touch with the most important 'piece in the puzzle'... myself!

The little child in me was still waiting for someone that would 'see me' and would just slip me away and bring me to where I feel I need to be. We all have the universal need to be seen, to be heard, to be validated. As a child this basic need was not met and it has been the longest and the heaviest luggage to carry on in my adulthood, leading me to look for outside voices for validation.

This past year pushed us to slow down, to spend time with ourselves shutting all the distractions of our daily lives, allowing us to shift from doing to being. Personally, it was the time for a personal inventory, time to reflect honestly on my life and look at the pieces that were triggered by people showing me where healing still needed to be done. What I needed to let go so I could freely spread my wings to fly. No one was going to help me fly, I AM!!

In the silence, I was able to clearly hear that inner voice, that inner guidance that guided me 18 years ago to jump into the wildest adventure of my life, leaving everything in Europe and come to Canada to find love. That same voice that after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder helped me dive deep into the root cause and manage this disorder naturally for the last 15 years.

That inner voice is your gut feeling (called the second brain) your intuition, it is always there. You just need to move out of the way and listen. Here are some practical ways to help you sharpen and trust your inner voice.

  1. Find time to be in silence. Be present in the moment (breathing and meditation are a great help).

  2. Pay attention to your body, at times you feel it in your body (there is no 'right way' or 'best way' to experience our inner voice).

  3. Pay attention to your feelings, your emotions (emotions are energy in motion). The stomach is where our feelings/emotions sit, pay attention to how you feel.

  4. Make sure you listen to your inner voice, not the voice in your head (your thoughts). In psychological terms it is called (inner speech) it is not your inner guidance.

  5. Look at your inner voice patterns, connect with your heart.

For me connecting with my inner wisdom has been a game changer in my life. Certainly the healing road I decided to take many years ago in order to trust this inner voice, this inner wisdom hasn't been the easiest one but certainly the most rewarding one.

We have too many outside voices around us, it is a fact but the most challenging one is the voice we have in our heads filled with childhood residues from trauma to needs not met as a child. The voice of fear and lack of self esteem. If we open ourselves to face and heal our deepest wounds and break free from all the conditioning and limitations, we can connect with our inner wisdom, that inner voice that is there to guide us to live the life we deserve.

After all it is our birth right to freely be happy! I am ready to take the call. Are you?

Love and Light,



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