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Connecting to the healer within


This is a tailored and highly personalized 2-hour session to dive deeper into understanding the connection between our body and our emotions.

Every feeling affects some parts of our body, stress and our emotions can harm our physical health. What we know is that our brain, our thoughts, and our emotions do play an important role in our experience and our physical health and well-being. I will blend during the session my training in mindfulness, hypnotherapy techniques, integrative somatic parts work, pattern shifting, trauma counselling, and more.

This session is designed to help you step into your power and increase confidence and clarity in your life to enhance your well-being. If you are ready to tap into your inner pharmacy and inner intelligence, this session is for you. It will help you unveil and understand what is holding you back and how to tap into the healer within.

The journey to connect with our Joie de Vivre


Joie de vivre is the access to true self.  When you find this place your heart opens and this is when you are known and loved absolutely. Our true essence is pure consciousness is wholeness.


Unfortunately, we all have experienced pain, sorrow, and loss that impacted our lives and shaped our perception of life. We all have a level of trauma that consciously or not creates our emotional luggage. The challenge is not to carry the heaviness of this luggage in our lives so we don’t lose our joy and keep our hearts open and soft.

If you are ready to dive deeper into your healing journey through self-inquiry to release what no longer serves so you can experience emotional freedom and unpack your unwanted stress and emotional luggage, this highly personalized 3-hour session is for you. I have a particular focus on emotional healing as I hold a trauma counselling certification.


During this personalized and tailored session, I will use a combination of techniques and tools from:

  • Intuitive spiritual guidance

  • Energy healing,

  • Emotional healing techniques

  • Inner child healing

  • Guided meditation/visualization

to help you recognize and unveil suppressed emotions, unhealthy inner dialogue, and inner core beliefs.

I will guide you through compassionate listening and offer the tools and resources needed to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom to experience Joie de Vivre.


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