Michel Pascal "The Medicine Voice"

Performer at Carnegie Hall, NYC

January 31  7:30 p.m -9:30 p.m

Show extracts from the film "I am Never Alone" + Q&A + Meditation 

February 1  7:30 p.m - 9:30 p.m

Meditation Guidance + Medicine Voice Concert

Michel Pascal Bio

Michel Pascal is an exceptional transformational and spiritual artist, dedicated to supporting underserved populations of people. He is a multi-talented artist, meditation teacher, singer, composer, photographer, film director, and author.


Michel has created a revolutionary approach to meditation to help individuals release daily stress; it has reached Fortune 500 companies and prestigious universities alike. Meditation For Daily Stress has also been integrated into the curriculum at Amity Foundation in Los Angeles. In California, 80% of Parolees return to jail. With the application of Michel’s meditation approach and the holistic program at Amity Foundation, 80% of Parolees are instead able to find a job, rebuild a family, and reenter society. This 80% reversal of the recidivism rate is unheard of anywhere else in America. 


As an author, Michel has published 20 books, including “’Instants Sacres” with His Holiness Dalai-Lama, and Meditation For Daily Stress.


As a singer, Michel has performed on stage since he was 9 years old. Since 2016, he has performed every year at Carnegie Hall. Myron McKinley, the legendary music director of Earth Wind and Fire, is Michel’s musical director. Michel is one of only a handful in the world who uses his voice and guided visualizations together to create a deep and visceral healing experience, often referred to as “the Medicine Voice.”

As Film director, Michel is currently directing the film, “I am Never Alone”, starring Gabriella Wright and Deepak Chopra. A film dedicated to raise awareness for the Never Alone Movement for suicide prevention and Mental Health


Michel Pascal`s latest works include the co creation of the Never Alone movement with Deepak Chopra, social entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah, actress and humanitarian, Gabriella Wright, to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental wellbeing through their global movement “#NeverAlone”


Also one of the latest works of Michel is the app Mind Dive, which is the first free app containing meditation, yoga, science, documentaries, music, and prayers.

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