When life is challenging  we can easily lose sight of the radiant healing light we have within.  Our intuitive belief and trust is shaken, the path becomes clouded and sometimes we can forget that we have the  power to heal ourselves! Most of us have felt this at some point in our lives and I have learned that we must move from activity into silence to truly  reconnect to our intuition. It takes courage and a remembrance.


I have always struggled with how to define what I do because although I have taken many courses it does come very naturally to me.  To connect with someone on the energetic level, to communicate with someone’s soul, to feel what is unsaid. I guess you could say that  I am a spiritual teacher, energy healer, and conduit for the restorative power of intuition. I’ve worked for decades treating some of society’s most vulnerable, attending to children, psychiatric patients, and people suffering from addictions.  I serve with pure intention to provide space of love and light. It is through this universal source energy heals and we begin to heal ourselves. 

I work from my what I call my  Light Centre as a 3rd degree Reiki Master and teacher certified in Primordial Sound Meditation, hypnosis, age regression, mindfulness and Angel Card reading.  I create a safe container for clients to detach from the ego without fear of judgement to soothe and clean their spiritual and emotional wounds. This is done by  guiding them to go with, not against, the wind and the waves we permit the body, mind, heart, intellect, and spirit to flow together in harmony and allow the healing energy we possess to circulate freely.

The power of this energy is unmistakable.  It is a precious gift with extraordinary effect and I have experienced its abundance firsthand; since 2005 I have managed my Rheumatoid Arthritis without pharmaceuticals and have yet to develop any degenerative conditions, and in 2012 I was able to bring down a 6-centimeter lymph node with  self -hypnosis and self-Reiki to the disbelief of my attending physicians.

My journey has brought me to Canada from France  to disseminate my message of healing. I want to teach others self-love, alignment, and healing through embracing vulnerability, adopting a spirit of raw truthfulness, releasing fears and finding acceptance for the things that cannot be changed.  I hope to show them the path to genuine passion, vitality, and joie de vivre through honest introspection and hard work. 

I share my modalities and gifts through training and practice, empowering others to shed fear and darkness and find faith and positivity.  Fueled by my heart and led by Divine light I am dedicated to helping you find the strength to rebuild your spiritual temple.

I am here to liberate your heart to be filled again with the joyous and vibrant light of life and guide you to becoming the best version of yourself.  I believe we have the power and ability to choose our destiny and achieve anything we want in life through self-acceptance and self-love. I am a lifelong traveller on a quest for higher truth, guided by intuition toward universal love and finding it in silence, stillness, and peace.

Joie de vivre is the access to true self.  When you find this place your heart opens and this is when you are known and loved absolutely.  My work is to share my energy and create space for growth and shifts to help others understand the vital connection between self-development and heal themselves.

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